Welcome  to  Mr.  Cromwell's  Attic,  an  Upscale  Antiquities  and Oddities  shop  featuring  Interior  Decor,  Art,  Jewelry,  Pottery,  and  more  out  of  an  English  Gentleman's  Attic.

We have six rooms each displaying a unique take on a timeframe, movement, or period in fashion, design, or art. The Foyer which contains French inspired antiquities; the Gallery containing modern art, jewelry, and 60's modern fashion; the Parlor which contains English gentleman's quarters, old world English decor, hunting memorabilia, old English antiques, and busts; the Help displaying domestics and pottery; the Wardrobe featuring elegant vintage european men's wear; and lastly the Porch with rotating seasonal inspirations.

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In a London borough, just north of the river Thames and a short jaunt up the narrow cobblestone footpath stands a century-old manor built of fieldstone and massive sessile oak timbers. Pass through the iron garden gate and you arrive at the ivy-covered home of the family Cromwell.

The Cromwell home is filled with family heirlooms and generations of treasured collections from abroad. As time has passed, many of the unique curiosities have been stowed away in the attic… Almost as if to be forgotten. Mr. Cromwell, feeling as though the attic was not the proper place for all that was collected, and recalling a charming visit to an American town many years past—embarked on a plan.

Mr. Cromwell’s fond memories brought him and his daughters, Stella and Prudence, back to Geneva. “Here,” Mr. Cromwell explained “shall be the future of all those lovely and curious things.” Shortly they're following, he arranged the trip of attic curiosities across the Atlantic, and here to Mr. Cromwell’s Attic.

Although Mr. Cromwell currently resides in London, this adoring English gentleman loves to travel—so, look twice next time you see a man with a hat and cane making his way along 3rd Street.


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